Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learning To Play Digital Keyboard

Is Playing Digital Keyboard Right For You?

The keyboard is one of the easiest instruments to pick up, but also one of the most difficult to master. To find out if learning to play keyboard is right for you ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why do I want to learn the keyboard?

Answer honestly, if your reasoning is that the keyboard will help you pick up chicks then you have another thing coming to you. The keyboard is not a chick magnet if you're unskilled, if you want to attract women with an instrument then I recommend the guitar. With a guitar you need practically no skill whatsoever and girls will flock to you. With the digital keyboard you actually need to be somewhat decent.

2. Can I afford a decent digital keyboard?

You will need to have at least $200 bucks laying around to purchase a decent quality digital keyboard. Sure you can get one for cheaper, but if you are serious about learning you will want one that is touch responsive, has MIDI, and has at least 77 keys. There are some great cheap Casio Keyboards out there that fit the bill.

3. Am I an Idiot?

Don't attempt to learn the keyboard if you're a completely idiot. You will need to understand complex chord progressions and the like if your intent is becoming proficient at the keyboard. Luckily, since you're reading this it automatically makes you smarter than the general population. Congratulations!

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